Freeconomic browsing… for everyone

Two years back it was Chris Anderson who spoke about Freeconomics on Google was one of the prominent examples quoted in the web space of doing business the Freeconomic way. Even today every single offering from the Google stable is FREE. Right from their mail service to search engine to GOOG-411 to Picasa. This is understandable given the business model that google follows. But today there is something that google has done…. Guess what… They ‘ve thrown up full page advertisements for one of their FREE products, the browser CHROME. The pic below is their ad that waspublished on today’s Chennai edition of THE HINDU. This I think might be the first ever ad published by Google for their product. And I think this could also be the first ever print ad for a Web browser. (Ppl pls educate me if u know any such ads from the past).  How and from where they account for these marketing costs? Well it’s for you to guess… Guess this is their way of celebrating their 12th Birthday. 🙂 But for now Surfing is fast and its for everyone. 🙂 Happy Chroming..!! But for Microsoft and Internet Explorer, Guess they are still exploring ways to overtake google.

This could be another first... Yet again from Google.


~ by technolect on September 29, 2010.

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