Often we hear the marketing gurus saying “It’s all in there, You just have to see”. Well, that is the key to finding opportunities and new markets. There are so many innovations and new products and services cropping up from previously unknown persons, avenues and sources from across the world. Its all because the person who brings out the innovation just sees what others oversee. There is a readily available  solution to every practical problem. We just have to spot it.

On a recent business trip to Jakarta , I noticed something that was very interesting and made me think “Oh yes..! Why did not  somebody think of this in India?”. Look at the photo below.


My client’s office was located on the General Sudirman road, Jakarta. It was heavily pouring down one evening, and me, my colleagues and client representatives where waiting in the portico for our car. There where these young kids (looks showed that they are obviously from economically backward families) and few elders standing close to the portico holding an umbrella each. As and when some one comes out of the office building, these guys go across to them offering the umbrella. If you wish to take it, they hand it over to you and walk besides you in the rain, until you reach your destination(usually the nearby bus stop or a parking lot across the block). After you reach that place you can hand over the umbrella and pay them some small amount. My Indonesian friend told me they usually charge anywhere between 2000 IDR to 5000 IDR depending upon the distance.

Now this is not a regular source of income. However, when it rains (as it does half the year in Jakarta), these people make a good sum to serve their daily needs. This would be a very good service to be available in any country or city where it rains heavily and people are willing to pay a little for the service. How many times have you come out of office and wait in the lounge hoping that the rain would stop for you to walk across to the bus stop or reach your car. As they say, the need is there, we only have to see.


~ by technolect on December 10, 2010.

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