Disruptive technology…….

Technological innovations have been happening at lightning pace. Today is totally different from yesterday and tomorrow is gonna be completely new. That much is for sure. Time scale for change has come down from a few years to few days in certain fields and even few minutes in certain other fields.

We all must have pleasant memories of the days when we used to buy film rolls from konica / kodak and load them onto the still cameras made by Yashica and co…. 🙂 (Few of us might would have even not had luxury of owning an camera, But I bet you must have watched this and wanted to do it.) Once the cam is loaded, put in the Eveready batteries and start click fotos with utmost care so that you dont run out of the film midway. 36 was a very significant number back then. Used to repeatedly check the number of clicks left to reach the end of the film. You thought tens of of times before clicking something. Having one more film roll was added luxury on most trips leave alone the spare batteries. I used to be scolding from mom for taking pictures of flowers and landscapes without any human subject in the picture. Well she is not to blame. With just 36 pictures to take, any one would want to cover people(family and friends) more than mother nature. 🙂

After clicking the entire roll, you then patiently wait praying to get out the prints with good quality. You never know what it is going to be like until the very minute you recieve your photo prints(after a day). Printed to the dimensions of Maxi size, kept inside a paper pouch along with the negative. I even remember the studio guys offering a 1 litre Fanta or Pepsi bottle free for every two film rolls dveleoped(72 prints). And hey you also get free albums to insert your organise your clicks.

Today with your point and shoot digi cams you can go on clicking hundreds of snaps without having to replace the batteries or the memory card. U can even review the fotos then and there in the 2 to 3 inch LCD screen and delete those clicks you feel are not upto the mark. No film roll hassles, no limit of fotos. My 5 year old cousin can handle the digi cam with utmost ease and shoot lovely fotos.

This past sunday I had been to Trissur, Kerala for my friend’s sis wedding. We happened to get stranded there for one extra day for want of return tickets to Chennai. So we decided to go down to Athirampally falls and Vazhachaal on the next day and then take a bus from Coimbatore to Chennai that night. Look at what I saw there , that too in a Chaya kada run by two elderly people. Felt totally surprised and nostalgic. Hope you all will feel the same.

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~ by technolect on June 5, 2010.

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