O-o-H 2.0 …. Outdoor Advertising refreshed

We have seen large banners, colorful flex boards, LED lighted Billboards etc etc where the ad guys put up their brands for the public to see… Here in India We ‘ve seen them adorn top of the sky scrapers, side of the towers, alongside roads and highways, on roof tops around important junctions on the buses and trains even the flights.

Take the famous temple city of Madurai, in southern India. It is, has been and will continue to be a traditional city for ages. After a recent ruling all the ad hoardings across Madurai were removed leaving blank steel skeletons standing tall on the road sides.

However recently a new place to post these outdoor ads have been found in Madurai. Guess what ?! Nothing but the walls of public toilets which I doubt are being built solely for this purpose. 🙂 Check out this foto I clicked at the busy Palanganatham junction where the NH 7 meets the By-pass road.

The one inthe pic above is a newly built public Toilet whose front and side walls are covered with these bright ad boards for a leading Textile shop in the state. Such buildings are being at a few more places across the city and all of them carry the same ad. That’s OOH 2.0… for a city like Madurai.


~ by technolect on January 26, 2010.

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