Shopping for ad space…. This Diwali…

With so much of cricket going around at some place or the other, ICC is finding it hard to finalize the ICC Future Tours Programme. In its path towards making cricket a truly global sport, the planning needs to be done perfectly with equal mix of matches and venues and game formats. With three different formats and so much of cricket, the players have to be at superb fitness levels. The packed fixtures had already had its toll,  like early retirements from international cricket and opting to play in cash rich tourneys like IPL and also repetitive injury to players. However for any cricket buff things are just the way John Abraham puts it “There is so much cricket that life has to wait“.

Given all this and the number of competitive cricket the top team play, do we really need a  bi-annual Champion Trophy .. ??! To be honest, after the thrilling Ahses series, I did not even have interest to follow the one day series between the Aussies and the English. That too a 7 match series that is clearly tilted one way, I rather would prefer catching up with the results later on or even forget it.

For ICC this event is just another way to earn in terms of broadcast rights and sponsorship deals. After fighting past various odds in the form of terrorism and fixtures clash, the current edition which is all set to begin tomorrow. With so many millions invested, ESPN Star which bagged the rights for this edition have gone over board to reach out. Starting with nearly a year long ad campaign to adding the touch of Diwali to the theme its been ‘trying-every-trick-in-the-bag’ kind of effort from them.

[Xtra – two different ad promos for the event one with a host of players from different teams and there is one with only Indian stars in it]

I believe that it is an appreciable and greatly timed move from ESPN Star to come up with a Diwali linked ad for the event. I feel that this ad not aimed at the viewers but cleverly targeted at other companies who have not shown much interest in buying ad time. Wondering why ??!!.. Well with the event coinciding with the festive season, you get a chance to keep flashing your brand to the lakhs and lakhs of people watching the matches which increases the ‘Top-of-mind-recall’ (may not be a drastic increase, but a sure increase). ESPN has hinted out at the marketers to use this opportunity to strike it right with the consumers.

Apart from the question of this tournament being a redundant one or not, the real questions are

1. Will this event command high TRP on the lines of T20 events?   2. Will the brands flashed during the matches see a increased sales volume this festival season?  3. Will the event support the cause of retaining the 50 over format of cricket?

For us Team India supporters, it doesnt matter what format, which venue or which event. We just have two questions in mind to be answered at the end.

1. How convincingly did India beat Pakistan?

2. Did we win the finals and the cup?

All the best Team India, Lets pray that this time around the Safari turns out to be worthy.

Wid Luv,

Indian Cricket Fan


~ by technolect on September 21, 2009.

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