C for… Cat,Christ,Cocaine,Calorie,Chemistry,Congress,Church, C programming language ..??!!

The third alphabet, “C” could have stood for so many things so far…… But nowadays I think the word that deserves to get the credit is “Convergence”. My Strategy professor at BIM-Bangalore, the late Dr. V G Ratnam, often used to say that the  Companies that dont have Convergence capabilities will soon die. We have had quite a many discussions on this during our case discussions at BIM. Some recent products and announcements made me believe even more on the importance of convergence.

We can take examples that are as simple as the digicam to the intelligent rocket engines. All the fields have seen at least a small degree of technological convergence happening. The latest trends however are particularly phenomenal in the field of In-home entertainment. We, the consumers are in for a big treat as the companies are fighting it out to be the first to introduce the new technologies. Lets see a few examples of what is in store for the future of “Hometainment – The In Home-Entertainment”.

Recently we saw LG, the Korean giant launch the Scarlet 2.0 series of TV’s that have embedded Bluetooth connectivity. These new range of TV’s can connect to other devices that support Bluetooth 2.0 and thus receive data directly and display them.

Airtel might not be coming out with stunning concepts for its ads these days(Read Zoozoo’s) when compared to Vodafone. But its emphasis on quality digital products and new technology services has not faded. The Airtel Digital TV (Airtel’s DTH service) which now boasts of embedded widgets that range from weather reports to programme reminders has created quite an interest . What more, they are now showcasing “Ordering Pizzas thro’ TV” feature as part of the iTV. This is for certain a “First in India” feature.

Now if you were bowled over after you saw that ad, then I would say you have not seen it all. The software major, Adobe Systems Inc has decided to make use of its competency in the field of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) technology to reach out to the millions of TV viewers across the globe. In April this year, Adobe has announced the extension of its Flash content platfromto be used in TV’s and the associated Hometainment devices. And to add to the excitement, it seems major players from the technology and media industry including Broadcom, Intel, Comcast, Disney Interactive, Netflix, New York Times Company, NXP Semiconductors, Sigma Designs, STMicroelectronics, Atlantic Records etc have shown interest and positive reactions to Adobe’s move.

Guys, get ready for the next big revolution in entertainment… Could this be Adobe’s best in the field of Hoemtainment equivalent to what Photoshop has been in Photography ? Lets wait and watch… though watching television at home will never be the same again.. 🙂


~ by technolect on May 24, 2009.

One Response to “C for… Cat,Christ,Cocaine,Calorie,Chemistry,Congress,Church, C programming language ..??!!”

  1. hi..its really gud to know abt these things.. keep posting these sort of information…but, one thing please add contents which are completely unknown to most of the people. for ex., the info related to Adobe is a very new info n many wud not be aware of it.. but in the case of LG scarlet TV, we hav seen it from the tv ads.. in that case, if a known thing is posted it wud be very useful if a very detailed information on the new launch is provided.All the best.. keep rocking… expecting a lot on this type of information..

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