With luv from Outer Space… Godrej travels brandishly

The Godrej group can be cited as one of the most diversified and best examples of a”Branded house” in India. The decades old group is in the process of a prolongated rebranding exercise. What started with the colourful make over of the logo and rejuvenating the ads to be more refreshing and pleasant, is now continuing with repositioning of their products in each of the categories. For instance, the recent Cinthol ads have been given a face lift with Hristhik Roshan endorsing the brand. I personally feel that this ad ( to emphasize on the 24hr long protection) where they show case the cinthol deo chasing Hrithik in a desert setting is of the most “ordinary-in-class” types.

The group has also brought in a series of ads and new range of products in the white goods category over the past dozen months. All of them carry the brand name Godrej EON and have been touted to be equipped with latest digital technology. They had also launched an Air conditioner (AC) under this name is as “Godrej EON Air Conditioners. Godrej has continously supported this product range with ample ad spend. A survey done last year suggests that the Godrej EON AC’s led the market with 16% share of the total ads aired in Jan-Mar 2008. This year too I am sure they have spent enough to command a good Top-of-Mind recall. And to add to all that, this summer Godrej has taken up a new way to rebrand this product by showcasing its technology competency in an other field.

 The Precision Components & Systems Division (PCS) Division or the Godrej Aerospace Labs as it is projected these days has been around for over two decades now. However very little has been known about PCS to the end consumer over these years. Talking on the lines of brand awareness, we can as well say the PCS division would score very much near zero when surveyed amongst the general public on their Brand Recognition score. This division is said to have supplied many crucial components to various Indian Space missions over the years. After all these years of existence and excellence in the aerospace technology, the marketing brains at Godrej have thought of a new way to leverage this expertise. Little would have the competitiors known that Godrej will start usign its Aerospace Labs as an endorsement for its EON brand of AC’s. No one stopped you from using the positives of one product / division from your stable to improvizse the position of the other. That is exactly what Godrej has done.

The manner in which they have done the endorsement is also truely systematic. They did not start by putting Aerospace Labs labels all over the Eon AC’s overnight. They began by first getting the customer to familiarise with the Aerospace labs division. In other words they first put up ads to improve the Brand awareness for the labs division. (remember the Ad where the coffee mug floats in the Vaccuum…). This kept the consumers guessing and increased their curiosity to know more about the labs. Im sure many of us would have googled about these labs the very next day.(Well, I did it for sure). Then they upped the ante slightly by showcasing the achievements and what they have done for ISRO over the years. And finally last week they came out with the ad that says they have used their experience in Aerospace technologies to craft the best in class AC’s for the consumers(What and Idea Sir ji ?!! ).

And yesterday they had the same thign done to advertise their Interior decor range of products. Sold under the brand name “Godrej Interio” , the ads for this product now say that the companies expertise in buiding compact aero space components has helped them design compact and efficiently space utilizing interior decors.

To put it simply, they have helped the consumers learn about an otherwise unknown brand from the Godrej group and have succesfully graduated to the level of using this relatively lesser known brand to endorse the othjer brands from the house of Godrej. This is purely marvelous stuff from Godrej and the minds behind this campaign.


~ by technolect on May 19, 2009.

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