Zoozoo – the new kid in town

Its been a great success story what Lalit Modi has carved out in the name of IPL 2. After all the initial glitches, the tournament got finally kicked off. Hats off to this guy. A domestic tournament played on foreign soil.. Now thats what I call “Out of the box” 🙂

Tnx to the rain gods and lacklusture stroke play by some, IPL 2 has not been that much exciting. And with my home team, the Chennai Super Kings loosing 3 off 5, IPL 2 has not interested me to an extent it should have. But with all that said, it has been a rich ground for brands to show case their products and to make a makr in the viewers mind share. It has been pouring ads for sure in this season as well. The Vodafone TVC series circling around the new character ‘Zoozoo‘ (to show case Vodafones’ Value Added Services)has been a tale of success so far.  The character have been successfull in keeping the viewers glued to the TV during the commercials. Few points that I luvd about the Vodafone TVC…

– Doing away with the Costly Bolloywood actors as Brand Ambasaadors. This must have reduced the production costs by a phenomenal margin to help put the money into somethin else. Saving costs means a lot at this juncture in time 🙂

– Unlike the Airtel ad(With Vidya Balan ‘n Madhavan) this one never gets u bored even after being played over and over again.

– The small variations in the sizes n shapes of the Zoozoo’s make it transfrom from one personality to another. For isntance that tiny ribbon kinda stuff on the head to denote its the gal friend and the yellow toy in hand to show its the sister. Its amazing see how much detail they have gone into to make the effect look stunning.

– To top it all, they have come up with a series of ads to coincide with the entire season of IPL 2. And they have a microsite , a Facebook fan group and Youtbe channel to promote the Zoozoo fever. 🙂

My favourite one was the ad for “Beauty Alerts” . However Vodafone must take care that the ZooZoo doesnt get bigger than the Vodafone brand itself as the pug did a few months ago. More than eveyrthing else Vodafone will not have to face the wrath of the Animal Rights activits. Ogilvy India scores a DLF Maximum (More on that in the next post) with this assignment.


~ by technolect on April 28, 2009.

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  1. […] might not be coming out with stunning concepts for its ads these days(Read Zoozoo’s) when compared to Vodafone. But its emphasis on quality digital products and new technology […]

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