Cricket Commentators – Voicing for brands

Left the last post with DLF Maximum. Well thats what the brands are trying to score at each and every second they get during this IPL 2. And guess who is supporting them with the fullest cooperation. The commentators in the matches.

After every six – they say “and he has lofted the ball over mid-wicket for a DLF Maximum” 😉

After every wicket or a half century – they say ” That is definitely a City Moment of Success“.

The Man of the match cash award is accompanied with – the new black and red  “Hero Honda Hunk” bike. And one lucky Vodafone fan gets to take home the Match ball signed by the winning captain.

One must appreciate the commentators for doing a wonderful job here. They keep repeating the brand names at every single opportunity and also keep thanking the four main sponsors(Citi,Vodafone,Fly Kingfisher and Hero Honda) at regular points in time during the match. I must say the IPL 2 organisers have gone out of their way to get the commentators to do this. The brand names keep resonating so many times during this 3 and a half hour match. I wonder by the next season of IPL, Modi will sell out the branding of Sixes, fours, wickets, 50’s and 100’s to differnet brands and make a few more billions in that. IPL 2 may not be pouring in with Sixes and fours when compared to IPL 1, but its for sure puring in millions from the sponsors.


~ by technolect on April 28, 2009.

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